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Rent Your House Out and Travel Through Italy All Summer

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So, yeah — we’re doing this thing.

If you haven’t been around me lately either via the world wide web or in person, then maybe you haven’t heard about this. But what’s more likely is that you HAVE heard about this trip and you’re probably like, “Enough already, Molly. We KNOW…”

I kinda talk about it. A lot.

Because between being a mom to two hilarious young kids, a wife to an even funnier (sorry kids, it’s true) husband, and the owner of a small business, I still thought it would be a good idea to say a big YES to traveling through Italy this coming summer.

I don’t know if my dry humor translates well to this blog, but I sure hope so. Because it’s not a good idea.

It’s a GREAT idea.


We’re packing up all of our personal belongings into our bonus room, purging a TON of crap from our house, and crossing our arms I-dream-of-Jeannie-style with a giant wink and a nod in hopes that we magically rent out our home to wonderfully responsible tenants who only want to live here for the summer. Ummmm, nothing could go wrong here, right?


But however it works out, whether we get the house rented or not, we get to go bum around Italy and see sixteen different towns — so it’s all good.

This is my inaugural post about this experience, so join me and follow along to see how this all pans out. We leave a month from today, so wish us luck!

Here we go!

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