Morning Walks With Molly — The Wall Around Lucca, Italy

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Lucca, Italy is a charming town in Tuscany known for its well-preserved old town and fully preserved Rennaisance-era city wall.

We stayed within the city wall to experience the local vibe during our short stay. The apartment we were staying in was on Piazza S. Francesco — a simple square by Italian standards but still impressive to anything we see in the States. A cafe sits on the corner in the square near the Church of St. Francis, and one morning after my walk on the wall, I sat and enjoyed a cappuccino, chocolate croissant, and some time on the Babbel App in a meager attempt to improve my Italian.

Mornings like this are my absolute favorite part of this trip. Seeing the Colosseum, hiking The Path of the Gods, and stopping in Alberobello to see the Trulli Houses were all fantastic and I’m glad we did them — but the slow, quiet moments are what I most enjoy.

I don’t know about you, but that kinda sounds like a life lesson right there.

With only two full days in the beautiful town, I was determined to make one of my morning walks the 2.7-mile loop around the city. Walk with me in the video below!


Morning Walks With Molly

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