The Leaning Tower of Pisa Doesn’t Disappoint

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You know that feeling when you go to see a really famous landmark and you’re just kinda like . . . meh — this is it?

That is definitely NOT the Leaning Tower of Pisa — at least not for us.

I’ll be honest — I wasn’t expecting much.

And maybe if we weren’t staying a 30-minute train ride away in Lucca then I wouldn’t want to make a big trek to see it in person. But for both Scott and me, it was surprisingly fun to see.

And don’t get me wrong — it was a pretty miserable outing as far as family day trips are concerned! 🤣

If you’ve been following along on the blog series, I’ve mentioned four hundred and thirty-seven times that it’s HOT here in Italy every summer, but especially this summer.

And then you get to a destination that is in FULL SUN, with tons of people, and tired kids.

Getting back to Lucca was rough because the Pisa train station was a little sketchy and ALSO in full sun. So when our train stopped, and the conductor stepped out to say, “We’re full — catch the next one,” we nearly all melted down — the kids, too.

I kinda felt like this:

Though the outing itself was rough, it’s a landmark I’ll always be glad we went to see.

And this next part is going to make you laugh, but the thing that surprised us most was that tower really LEANS

Sorry — on a roll with these Jim Carrey references.

In fact, when Scott messaged my brothers on our siblings’ text thread to say photos don’t do it justice to show how messed up it really is, he got this sarcastic response back, “Yeah, I’ve heard it’s like some sort of architectural/physical marvel or something.” 🙄

But seriously, it’s just crazy how much it really does lean! 😆

So that’s it. I just didn’t want to let this blog go by without mentioning that the Leaning Tower of Pisa really leans.

The end.


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