Morning Walks With Molly — Bellagio, Italy on Lake Como

Morning Walks With Molly - Bellagio Italy
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My morning walk has quickly become a favorite part of our trip for me. There’s just something about experiencing a town when all’s quiet — before things get busy and hot. That’s why I started this series of videos called Morning Walks With Molly, so you could join me in this quiet view of the towns we visit.

In this video, walk with me through the town of Bellagio on Lake Como — which I describe in more detail in the last post.

As with each of my videos, please excuse my super awesome amateur videography skills as I bump along and try not to fall on my face. 😆

Up Next: The kids’ favorite part of the trip so far — Gardaland! 

This is part of a series about our Winters Family Summer Adventure through Italy and beyond. You can start from the beginning of the blog series here or follow along on Instagram.

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